The Best Cultural City of 2020


Zacatecas, Mexico

Location: Zacatecas Centro, Zacatecas, Mexico

GPS Coordinates:
22°46'37.2"N 102°34'22.8"W
22.777000, -102.573000

I came across an article today by Mexico Daily News stating that after hundreds of thousands of votes for the “Best of Mexico” poll, Zacatecas was rated the city with the most cultural appeal, and we couldn’t agree more!  

Just for a little perspective, we are definitely not city people.  When we built our own 4×4 camper, it was to fulfill the desire to have a rig capable of getting to all the awesome secluded wild camping spots.  We would often spend over a month in the backwoods of Montana seldomly seeing another human being and relishing in the peace and quiet. However, something changed when we started traveling in Mexico.  We were so enamored with the colorful markets, the friendly locals, and the incredible food. Slowly we started to embrace the possibility that visiting a city every once and a while wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 

When we first drove into Zacatecas, we thought that one day of city life would be enough for us but after a few hours of wandering around the incredible cobblestone streets, we knew we needed more. We spent several days marveling at the 300-year-old aqueduct, the pink stone cathedral, and the historic silver mine. Not to mention the excitement of the local market where tubs of mole and rows of fresh veggies tempted our tastebuds, while the aroma of el pastor drifted through the streets. 

The highlight of our trip to Zacatecas was visiting the Mina El Eden with our new friend Robert from Germany.  Once one of the largest silver mines in the country is now a tourist attraction complete with a passenger train and even an English speaking tour.  Learning about the history of the mine was truly an awesome cultural experience!  

Check out our video on our visit to this incredible culturally rich town. 

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