What’s with all the Members Only Pages?

Thanks for visiting our little slice of the web! By now we’re sure you’ve noticed all the “Members Only” protected content on our site. As part of our YouTube Channel Membership we have added additional content to our site to provide value to the members who are supporting our channel. And while I really don’t like the idea of paywalls, we felt that we needed to go above and beyond for the minority that is making it possible for the majority to watch our regular videos on YouTube for Free.

As part of channel membership you’ll get a badge next to your name when you comment so people will know that is “You” who’s carrying the load. We’ll personally thank you by name in our videos, you’ll get extra blooper and cutting room floor videos. You get access to our list of hidden gem locations, favorite camping gear list, solar and automation data, and much more! If you are interested in become a member, check out the video below.

Already a Channel Member?

If you are already a Tier 2 or above channel member, we’ve posted the password over on our YouTube Community Tab, So as long as you are signed into your YouTube account you can find the Password posted there. I’ve done it this way because it’s an easy way for us to control who sees it as only verified YouTube Tier 2+ Channel Members will be able to view the post. Also, if we ever need to change it, the updated password is easily shared with all the members.
Thank you so much!

What our members are Saying

Proud new member! You’ve inspired me to build my rig. The 2006 F550 conversion is just starting.

FinnCoaching FinnCoaching New member

For the price of a movie (for one person) every month we get in the field scouting, advice, recipes, and a lot more…very happy to support you guys!

Colorado4x4Van Colorado4x4Van Member (1 month)

Congratulations on your channel! So glad to be a supporting member!

Dhinesh Periyasamy Dhinesh Periyasamy Member (2 months)

Consider becoming a Channel Member