Yes, We are in Mexico.

No, We haven’t blown our engine and No, we don’t need a new one. No, we’re not expecting you to gofund our trip, we’ve got that covered.

But we’ve had some interest from viewers asking if we’re on Patreon or how they can otherwise support us making these videos. So I’m happy to say that now that our channel is large enough and we now qualify for the YouTube Membership program.

So if you’d like to toss a few bucks in the hat for Camera Gear or a couple liters of fuel, that would be a tangible pat on the back!

Visit our membership page on YouTube and see what moves you.

Channel Members


We’d also like to thank the following companies for their support.

Continental Tires
AT Overland
Froli Sleep Systems
Nickel Atlantic
MoFi Networks
Deadman Offroad
Deaver Suspension
Titan Fuel Tanks