Tolantongo, So Much More than Hot Water

Many years ago, when we were still building our rig, I came across a video on Las Grutas Tolantongo. I was instantly in awe and thought to myself, “One day I’m going there!”. Although it took many years for the dream to manifest, it was quite the experience for us to drive down the steep box canyon, catching glimpses of the turquoise river below.

We excitedly found our own little piece of riverfront property and with countless mini pools in the river, it was easy to find one all to ourselves. This river is heated from the surrounding volcanic mountains ranges and maintains a temperature of 36° to 38° Celsius. Perfect for an evening soak.

We started by visiting the iconic Las Pocitas, incredible mineral hot pools with equally spectacular views of the Mezquital Valley. After getting our soak on we continued to explore the tunnel, a hot water cave with water raining down as you walk through the dimly lit walkway. A truly wonderful experience!

The hike to the Pocitas from our campsite was definitely a good workout and after a relaxing soak, and too many tacos, transportation was necessary! Clearly the quickest way to our truck was the zipline! For 150 pesos, it was a deal!

After an exhilarating zipline experience we headed to the Grutas, hot water caves in the mountains.  Again this resort did not disappoint as we swam through stalactites and climbed through crevasses. The 150 peso entrance fee is really a deal since you get to see so many attractions all within walking, or ziplining, distance. 

Although we were warned to not visit on the weekend, we didn’t heed such warnings and spent two of our five days at the resort over the weekend. Although busy, we felt that the resort was large enough that we had more than enough space for peace and quiet. We also loved the weekend energy and we were happy to see so many folks enjoying this amazing location. Definitely one to put on the bucket list!

Check Out the Video!