The Largest Pyramid Yet!

It just wouldn’t be a complete trip to Mexico if we didn’t go and visit Teotihuacan. This very impressive archaeological site that is home to the third largest pyramid in the world and the largest one that you can walk on. Wowzers! Since the site is only 40 km outside of Mexico City, its a definitely must see if in the area. The Pyramid of the Sun is the tallest; however the other pyramids do not disappoint with Pyramid of the Moon being my person favorite for its grand view of the Alley of the Dead.

Now we wouldn’t consider ourselves history buffs but this one is quiet interesting so here it goes. The origins of Teotihuacan, and who actually built it, is somewhat of a mystery. When the Aztecs found this site it had been abandoned for hundred of years. It is thought that the majority of the pyramids were constructed in 250AD with the height of the civilization 350-650 AD. At this time there were 150,000 – 250,000 people living in this city with over 2000 buildings. This would have made it the biggest city in Mexico and the sixth largest city in the world at that time!

How did it all end? Well originally scholars thought the city had been invaded as some of the structures had been burnt. The theory was flawed as the burnt builds were only the ones of the upper class suggesting that it was a local unrest. The more likely explanation was that the the volcanic eruption of 535 AD in El Salvador caused ash to cover over the area ,devastating the crops and causing a decline in population due to drought conditions.

Thanks for sticking with me guys! With the history lesson over, our experience was that this is such an incredible experience. We saw people performing ceremonies and overheard other people discussing the energy of this location. Even as a traveler oblivious to all of this, it is almost impossible to not feel the excitement of being at such an amazing location. One of those things to jot down on the bucket list!

Check Out the Video we did on these Pyramids!

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