Just Call Me Angel


Location: Victoria de Durango, Durango, Mexico

GPS Coordinates:
24°01'00.9"N 104°39'49.9"W
24.016908, -104.663871

If you have been following our travels you know that we are not big city people.  Give me wide open spaces, please! Durango was the first major city that we had visited in mainland Mexico and we instantly fell in love.  I guess we could be a little more metropolitan from time to time!

When visiting colonial towns we are met with the challenge of navigating tiny streets and finding appropriate parking; however, this time we were fortunate to be able to stay just outside of Durango City.  Through fellow travelers, we were given the contact of a local man who was willing to show us the town and provide a place for us and our rig to stay. Our host was beyond gracious. He toured us around town, took us to the La Ferreria pyramids, introduced us to tasty pork skin, invited us to a BBQ with his friends, and chauffered us on a 4×4 rock crawling experience.  Wow! What a host!  

Although it would be difficult to duplicate such an incredible experience, Durango is still a ‘must see’ city.  The downtown square, across from the iconic Cathedral Basilica, is bursting with excitement and energy. The Plaza de Armas is alive with authentic food stands, delightful performers, and happy children chasing the plethora of pigeons.  We spent many hours wandering around the plaza and nearby parks, soaking in the energy of the city. Our host took us to the Teleferico where we could look out over downtown at night and observe the beauty of the bustling city. There was even a pair of angel wings there to try on to see if they fit!  

Check out the video on our 4×4 rock crawling adventure! 


One thought on “Just Call Me Angel

  1. Hello my favorite EverLanders💖 I’m a new fan of yours and I’m from Canada – where it’s still winter, sort of; not anything like the nice weather you’re having in Mexico😀

    I love seeing you guys having fun on the road, discovering lots of interesting places and appreciating the good life.

    Nice and well written post here from you in Mexico, you’re making me wanting to be there.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon with another great posting of your adventures, and wishing you all the best✌️

    From Quebec, Canada


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