Watt Hour Consumption for a Solar Powered RV

While some appliances have an accurate wattage listed, and use a constant amount of power during the duration of use, many don’t. For example our Anova Sous Vide cooker uses ~800 watts until it is up to temp and then it cycles off and on as needed to maintain that temperature. Our Instant Pot is much the same. And all of these depend on many outside conditions, like the starting temperature of the food, and how well the unit is insulated. For this reason and for our own interest we are logging the power consumption of these types of loads in typical usage scenarios to get a more complete understanding of how much power is being used.

These Measurements are all taken from the Battery Management System and Include the losses through the Inverter. We use a 1800w ProSine Inverter and while I belive it to be very good quality, there are bound to be some losses in the conversion and overhead of the inverter itself.

In many cases it would be preferable to power some loads like the Mavic charger and Laptop from a DC-DC converter, But we don’t have these and so we work with what we have. So while this is not ideal, it’s a real world example that you may be facing too.

FYI, This is a work in progress and the chart below will automatically update as we add new data.

The YouTube video to accompany this post is online now! https://youtu.be/822Ge0Es7WE

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