A Surreal Experience

Today was another day of ticking off our bucket list. The Edward James Serrealist Garden, of Las Pozas, has been on our list of ‘definitely must see places’ in Mexico for a while. This amazing garden is something out of a dream and the magnitude is unfortunately not portrayed well in photos.

Let’s start with a little back story. Edward James was the son of a British, America railroad tycoon and at the very young age of five years old was left a hefty fortune. Although Edwards identified as a writer and poet, he had a great affinity for surrealism art. One day while swimming in a river here in Mexico, he was surrounded by a swam of butterflies and felt inspired to create a real life Garden of Eden.

He purchased this incredible 80 acres of jungle in the late 40s, with construction commencing in the 50s. Edward employeed over 150 local people to create incredible concrete structures in the jungle, some over four stores high. Now that’s quite the vision created from a swim in the river!

This place is beyond words and completely captures one in the moment. It serves as a good reminder of what one can do with a dream, and 5 million dollars! All joking aside it is a beautiful piece of art that we feel very fortunate to have seen. What incredible vision and determination!