Chasing Waterfalls

This weekend we experienced the incredible Cascada de Tamul, located in the state of San Luis Potosi. While this 105 meter waterfall can be accessed by row yourself tour boats, we opted for the hiking self guided method. After a bumpy road to camp, that was made a little more pleasant by airing down with our Staun tire deflators, we arrived to a tropical paradise.

We found ourselves to be the only ones here for the night, nestled in a grove of palm trees with the senanade of parrots. A very peaceful location; at least as peaceful as it can be with a parrot choir adjacent.

The next morning, bright and early, we started our hike to Tumul. I had done some research in advance and was prepared for a strenuous hike and was somewhat surprised when we reached in the top of the waterfall in an easy 10 minutes. With only one tiny viewing area, we could barely peak over the edge to see the Cascades. As we looked over, we could see the tour boats at the bottom. Had we made the wrong choice? Should we have opted for the guided tour?

Upon feeling somewhat miffed that I had made the less awesome choice, another trail caught my eye. This proved the be the challenge, and the view, that we were looking for. A series of steep ladders took us right to the base of the waterfall. What a sight! We saw tour boats come and go, and relished in the fact that we got to spend the whole afternoon basking in this view.

Check out our video


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