The Best Bed Springs for a RV!

We installed our Froil Spring System in May 2018 while we were still weekend warriors, dreaming of one day travelling full time. Fortunately for us, our dream came true and we have since spent hundreds of nights on the Froli Spring System and we can say with confidence that this system has dramatically increased our comfort on the road.

Froli STAR Bed Springs

We initially purchased the product to eliminate condensation after finding moisture under our mattress, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that it provided a much more enjoyable sleep as well.

This clever design uses 5″ x 5″ plastic spring elements that can be arranged to fit whatever bed shape you have.  This is perfect for us since we have an irregularly shaped RV mattress! There are two colors of springs provided with the system; dark blue for firm and light blue for soft. This allows you to adjust for pressure points and create a perfect firmness for your needs.

We really love this system and had a blast making a video on our installation.  Be sure to check it out if you are interested in this system, We LOVE ours! Froli STAR Bed Kits are distributed in North America by

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