Update – Our Travel Halted

As I write this article I know that our situation may change as new information is emerging daily; however, we have been overwhelmed with genuine concern for our wellbeing and wanted to give an honest update on our current status.  

To understand how incredibly grateful we are to be where we are right now, I feel that I must give you a little backstory.  We have spent the past few months exploring waterfalls, soaking in hot springs, and hiking breathtaking natural rock formations.  Traveling through Mexico has far exceeded our wildest expectations and we have found ourselves emersed in a dream. After spending a week relaxing at Tolantongo hot springs we emerged from the fantasy to find that the world had undergone a paradigm shift.  Although the virus had not yet infiltrated Mexico, there were talks and people were nervous. 

We continued on with our travel blissfully unaware that our plans to see the world would be promptly halted as the southern borders to Mexico were closed and any travel became out of the question. Still unaware of the severity of the situation we made our way to the state of Oaxaca to meet with some fellow travelers.  A few hours after we arrived in our naive state, the owners of the campground put a sign on the 12-foot gate; No Vacancy. There would be no new people accepted into the campground. This was the moment when our paradigm finally shifted. The reality of the situation became quite evident and this was going to be home for a while.  

Although this was definitely not in our plan, we feel very happy to be ‘stuck’ here.  We often talk about how if we could combine all our favorite camping experiences from the past year of travel, what our perfect spot would look like. “If we had a beautiful pool like at Fabi’s orange orchard in Baja, good WiFi like at the campground in San Miguel, fresh produce nearby like in Mulege, and if there was a fenced area so that doggo could stretch his legs, well, then that would be the cherry on top.”  I’m happy to report that our current location meets and exceeds all our criteria for an amazing spot. We have veggies delivered twice a week, as well as filtered water, and Walmart will even deliver to our door.  

We have decided to do our part in this pandemic and avoid any unnecessary travel for now.  We are hunkered down with a group of other fellow travelers from all over the world, many veterans of travel with years under their belt.  The one common thread seems to be that when traveling the world, there will be unexpected events and you have to make the best of it. We know from our limited experience, that the road constantly surprises but somehow we always end up exactly where we need to be.  

Thanks again for all the continued support.  We will update our situation as we can. Stay safe. 

3 thoughts on “Update – Our Travel Halted

  1. I tried to reply to your welcoming email to me having just joined as the lowest tier member. But it did not go through so I took the opportunity to contact you here.

    So as if 3 Feb 2021 I hope you are safe in Mexico still. The new variant Covid threatens to keep us all isolated for longer until a vaccine solution. Where you are headed is unlikely to get a vaccine soon so not sure how you might deal with that other than fly home when vaccine available in Canada.

    Anyway re Guatemala … your next most likely destination.

    Recently I watched a video presentation on an extraordinary part of Guatemala you might not want to miss. I expect you have done research on your next destination. However I will give you the info anyway.

    The presentation should be available on the Vancouverinstitute.ca website and was titled : The Cultural and Natural Legacy in the Cradle of the Maya Civilization : The Mirador-Calakmul Basin of Guatemala and Mexico. It is enthusiastically presented by a US archeologist and is only 45 min long. Really compelling me to want to go there now.

    Further to your videos … it has inspired me to take a course on Arduino’s … my old brain is new to C++ coding and you make it look easy. I am not finding it so at present. As well I have renewed my interested in electric circuitry. Not sure if I will be able to use it much on my diesel G Wagon build with RTT. I love the coolness of my truck but am coveting something a bit bigger and more convenient for the same route you are pursuing to SA. Currently stuck in Vancouver BC.

    Thank you for doing what you are doing and hope this email not too long.

    Oh…. what are you doing about vehicle and health insurance? Vehicle insurance always concerns me should we get into an accident and injure or worse to a local.

    Last year this time we left for Baja crossing at Calexico … insurance was very expensive. Only got to just south of Mulege. Trip was a 6 week shakedown that we naively enjoyed as the covid situation infiltrated back home.

    Kind regards



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